901 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Our Goal Is To Help Resolve Each Patients Condition, Restore Optimal Health And To Eliminate The Pain Using Chiropractic Manipulation, Massage And Alternative Therapies!

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Hilltop Chiropractic & Massage is located on the corner of Wolfsnare Rd., and First Colonial Rd., in Virginia Beach, VA. We are directly across from the 7-11 Convenient Store.


Hours of Operation

Chiropractic: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8am-6pm
Massage: Monday thru Saturday 9am-5pm

Everyone Can Benefit From Chiropractic & Massage

• Improves healing and circulation

• Relieves tight and over- worked muscles

• Improves posture and flexibility

• Relieves headaches and chronic pain

• Reduces stress, mental, and physical fatigue

• And much more!


Just wanted to say thank you for the help that you have given to me in “teaching” my muscles what they should be doing and “straightening” out my bones so that my nerves had room to “breathe” and were no longer pinched.

It took time to rid me of my “hump”; that bunching of muscles at the base of my neck at the shoulder line; and the “going to sleep” of my hands, then arms, then legs. Particularly when I was trying to actually sleep. Those one hour sleeping periods, with interruptions of getting up to “wake” up my arms and legs through the night were not good for the disposition. If I didn’t hold my book or clipboard “right”, or if I held it too long in one arm/hand my hand would go to “sleep” in the day time on the job; even when I shifted from one arm/hand to the other.

The other thing that improved with time was the ability to turn my head to the far left or right without turning the trunk of my body to see “over my shoulder” behind me.

In the beginning insurance helped with the ability to continue treatment and now with Medicare and co-payment we continue with the adjustments to keep me healthy, flexible, and having only a reminder at times of the “sleeping hand”.

Again, THANK YOU, for your knowledge, time, and the ability to help me have a flexible, mobile, fulfilling life.


Barbara J. E.
Virginia Beach

Dear Dr. Patzer and Joye,

When people are in pain, they want relief. The faster they become pain free, the better. As a dental hygienist for over 25 years, I am extremely intimate with this provider-patient relationship, solely from the provider point of view.

Recently, I found myself on the other side of the table, so to speak. I needed pain relief for a running injury. I had been using NSAIDS and ice for a persistent pain in the…well, hip joint. I was complaining of the pain to a coworker and they recommended I see their chiropractor, Dr. Patzer. I had no appointment, but went right over.

The office got me in right away and within two visits I was 95% pain free. I went one more time and have been pain free ever since. I am back to running-I ran 10 miles just this past Saturday!

Thank you Dr. Patzer and Joye for your swift handling of my pain. Your kind and friendly manner was an added pleasure to the experience.

Antoinette K Virginia Beach