901 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Hilltop Chiropractic & Massage offers the best therapy in Hampton Roads, with 30 years of practice in these healing art forms. Our staff is committed to ensuring that every client receives special attention and optimal treatment, whether you are rehabilitating an injury, fixing a degenerative illness, or seeking quick relief from chronic pain.

Hilltop Chiropractic & Massage was started by Dr. Patrick R. Patzer in Virginia Beach, in 1982. Since the company started Dr. Patzer has helped thousands of patients make the journey from chronic and degenerative injuries to full health, and complete pain relief. Massage Therapy has been an integral part of the Hilltop Clinic, and it continues to grow. Our staff comprised of certified professionals is passionate about their work, and exhibit a rare compassion for helping people get back on their feet.

Everyone Can Benefit From Chiropractic & Massage

• Improves healing and circulation

• Relieves tight and over- worked muscles

• Improves posture and flexibility

• Relieves headaches and chronic pain

• Reduces stress, mental, and physical fatigue

• And much more!